My name is Dr. Sheldon Walcher, and welcome to my online portfolio!

Throughout this site you will find information about my experiences as a college administrator, teacher, researcher, and educational consultant.

You might want to start with the highlights section, which will give you an overview of my skills and qualifications. For examples of some recent administrative initiatives, check out our Hybrid Course project, part of our HSS Schedule Redesign. You might also look at our Fast Path initiative. For more on my formal training and professional experience, feel free to check out my  CV. You can also get a feel for my administrative approach by checking out my philosophy, and an overview of my leadership strengths and style. For more on my work as a higher education consultant, visit Collegium Consulting.

If you just want to jump right in and see and example of a recent scheduling project, check out our new FlexPath video!


For another example of my leadership in action, check-out Voices of Lake County, a Division-wide initiative that is engaging students and faculty in community based story-telling projects that document and celebrate the lived experiences of the diverse communities that make up our district, particularly those that have been marginalized and historically overlooked in higher education.

To get a sense of my approach to teaching and learning, watch this:


For a sense of my leadership in support of institutional strategic planning, check out this overview of our IdeaFest at KCC.


Finally, for more information about my work in the Higher Education Administration and Policy Program at Northwestern University, you might want to check this out.






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