Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute (WLDI)

As part of my participation in the Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute, participants were asked to create and complete an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) for the  academic year, and to document and reflect on our progress in several key areas. The pages that follow were intended to assist me in that process, and have been organized into two major areas:

The MAP Section aims to summarize my strengths,  values, and goals, and to lay out my long-term professional vision.

The IPDP Section describes the specific goals and activities I pursued over the course of year across the eight domains that make up the WLDI Program. This section also includes links to my Midterm Reflection and Final Reflection Reports submitted for completion of the program.

My special thanks to our incredible WLDI/Chair Academy facilitators, Bill Lamb and Pam Mauro. Bill and Pam both exemplify excellence and model (in very different ways) the kind of mindfulness, wisdom, and passion that we all aspire to. I feel so fortunate to have had them as guides on this journey over the next year. My additional thanks to my two WLDI mentors this, my former colleague and friend Dr. Kirk Overstreet at College of DuPage, and the estimable Dr. Dan Phelan, President of Jackson College in Michigan. Both have been wonderful supporters and champions throughout this year.