Current Projects

My colleague Julie Sanford and I are currently working on a book project under contract with Fountainhead PressWriting With Power: A Social Rhetoric. (Read our TOC, Introduction, and Chapter One.)

Some Past Projects

In 2011, I was lead author of an article chronicling and analyzing the results of the WPA Mentoring Project, “The CWPA Mentoring Report” which appeared in WPA: Writing Program Administration. Volume: 34.1. (For more on the WPA Mentoring Project, go here. You can also download the article here.)

In 2004, I co-authored with Alison Regan “Environmentalist Approaches to Portals and Course Management Systems” which originally appeared in the  Journal of Library Administration. Volume: 43:1/2. This article was subsequently reprinted in 2005 as a chapter in Portals and Libraries, Sarah Michalak, ed.. New York: Routledge.(Download the article here.)



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