Integrating and Celebrating Strengths

Objective(s):  to maximize the strengths of my team so that we are more engaged and begin to work more effectively for the good of each other and the college.


  • Dedicate my first meeting this summer with the Faculty Leads to exploring my team’s StrengthsFinder results
  • Include a discussion of strengths as we create new projects/initiatives
  • Include “strengths” as part of my feedback and evaluation.

Methods of Assessment:

  • Complete planned activities
  • Have team members reflect on any impact a focus on strengths has had on their performance at the end of the year


06/15/17: All members of the Humanities and Social Sciences administrative team have completed the StrengthsFinder, and the results were compiled into a “Strengths Map” that we will use as part of our first Faculty Leads meeting next month.

07/10/17: Devoted an hour to discussing Strengths and completing a team building exercise (the “marshmallow challenge”) with the HSS team (faculty leads+office staff). The activity was extremely thought-provoking for all of us, and I’ve had several conversations with various members of the team since about the challenge as a metaphor for our work ahead.