English 333 Projects

Project One: Analysis of Writing in Your Major

A  paper (750-1250 words) in which you will explore the rhetorical expectations and conventions that shape how people write, research and think in your academic discipline by critically reflecting on a paper you produced for a course in your major. (“Project One”)

Project Two: Recruiting Students to Your Major

In this project you will use principles of document design and persuasion to create a brochure aimed at persuading fellow students that they should join your department, program, or major. (“Project Two”)

Project Three: The Professional/Academic Search

For this project you will create real-world documents aimed at advancing your career either professionally or academically. Depending on your career plans,  you will create either a cover letter or a statement of purpose, along with a resume, targeting an actual internship, job, or academic program that you might realistically apply for. (“Project Three”)

Project Four: Public Discourse Project

In this project, you will create either a video or a podcast aimed at raising awareness about a particular issue, problem, or situation in the world that you feel needs to be changed. This document will be aimed at a specific audience, and your goal will be to attempt to persuade this target audience to take action in some way. (“Project Four”)

Project Five: Collaborative Service-Learning Project

For your final project, you will work in teams to create a set of documents for a local or regional non-profit organization with a real writing need. That is, after consulting carefully with a service-client, your team will propose a solution to a writing challenge the organization faces. Then, your team will draft documents aimed at solving this writing challenge. You will then present these agency documents to your classmates before delivering them to your service-clients. (“Collaborative Writing Project”)