Teaching Experience

Roosevelt | USM | UT Knoxville | University of Utah | Salt Lake Community College | Weber State | Penn State

Since 2010, I have served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Literature and Languages at Roosevelt University, a medium-sized private university with a social justice mission.

Undergraduate courses I’ve developed and taught at Roosevelt include:

  • Introduction to Composition (English 101)
  • Stretch Composition (WRTG 101 + English 101-S)
  • Argument, Analysis and Research (English 102)
  • Writing Social Justice (LIBS 201)
  • Writing for the Workplace (English 256)

Graduate courses I’ve taught at Roosevelt include:

From 2007 to 2010, I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Southern Mississippi. USM is a large, public research university — and the most racially diverse institution of higher learning in the state of Mississippi.

Undergraduate courses I developed and taught at USM include:

Graduate courses I developed and taught at USM include:

From 2006 to 2007, I was a Visiting Professor in the Rhetoric, Writing and Linguistics Program at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Housed within the English Department,  RWL offers both undergraduate and graduate concentrations in writing studies.

Courses I taught at UT Knoxville include:

  • “Public Writing” (English 255);
  • “Rhetoric and Writing (The Politics of Writing)” (Eng 355);

From 2001-2006, I served as a Graduate Instructor/Lecturer for the University Writing Program at the University of Utah. The UWP is an interdisciplinary program composed of faculty from English, Education, and Communications. In addition to providing instruction and serving as a curricular support center for faculty teaching writing-intensive courses across the disciplines, the UWP administers the First Year Writing Program.

Courses I developed and taught for the UWP include:

  • Writing for Academic and Public Discourses (WRTG 2010)
  • Professional Writing (WRTG 3400)
  • Writing in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (WRTG 3700)

In addition, as a graduate student in the Department of English, I taught:

  • Introduction to Critical Theory (English 256)

From 1999-2001, I was an Associate Instructor in the Humanities, Language & Culture Program at Salt Lake Community College, where I taught:

  • Basic Writing (ENGL 1010)
  • Intermediate Writing (ENGL 2010)
  • Technical Writing (ENGL 2100)

From 1999-2000, I was a Lecturer in the Department of English at Weber State University, where I taught:

  • Introduction to Academic Writing (ENGL 1010)
  • Intermediate Academic Writing (ENGL 2010)

From 1995-1998, I served as a Graduate Instructor/Lecturer in the Department of English at The Pennsylvania State University. As an MFA student, I got to teach a wide range of academic, professional and creative writing courses, including:

  • “Rhetoric and Composition” (ENGL 15);
  • “Introduction to Creative Writing” (ENGL 50);
  • “Technical Writing” (ENGL 202C);
  • “Business Writing” (ENGL 202D);
  • “Introduction to Fiction Writing” (ENGL 212);
  • “Television Scriptwriting” (ENGL 281);

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